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Originally Posted by dg77 View Post
Things really are. And it's funny how much it's changed the relationship I have with my husband, too, in a really positive way.

Are there any triads out there that live together? I would love to hear about the experience. Ironically, before this all started, there was discussion of her moving in with us because of a fire at her place. That is still happening, and obviously things have changed. She is likely moving in this week (we can't wait ), and now we are talking about the future, and perhaps making it a more permanent arrangment.
My husband, partner, and I have been living together for almost a year. It has been a perfect combination of wonderful, stressful, and hard work. Our situation requires adjustments from each of us...we all sleep in the same bed, with our up to three dogs, so things can get crowded, lol. We have had to put the dogs out on occasion, and I bailed to the couch in the middle of the night once for my own comfort
My husband and I have 3 children and our partner doesn't have any, she has an adjustment to a life with three teenagers, and they have an adjustment to a life with three parents.
Basically, we have found a place of comfort with everyone. It's never perfect, but it's amazing how much love can fit into one king sized bed!
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