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If you should decide to embark on being poly with these two women, if they are interested in that also, then I would suggest that you realize you are going to always be up front and honest and communicate every step of the way... saying you can't help yourself is not going to fly, you will have to get used to really looking at why you do things and what motivates you to do them.

If it is that you think it's kind of crazy wild that you managed to get TWO women,,,, wooo hoooo.... then I suggest you let one free or both because that isn't what poly is all about. On the other hand, you seem to really want some support and advice, so if you really are in love with both then I would agree that you will need to start checking with yourself about everything you think, feel and do and then tell them both every second it comes up... I am here to tell you, there is no hiding in such relationships if you want it to work for the long haul.. just not possible.

good luck.
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