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This week is marking a change for Mono and I. He finally confessed that the door to loving others has been open wide for a long time. Since he fell for his female friend. He asked me to have an open relationship with him where he does his own thing and I don't ask questions. An open relationship with a Don't Ask Don't Tell policy (DADT). In his mind he has been living like that for awhile and not telling me. He didn't want to cheat so he finally took a moment and let it out.

He has someone(s) in mind but the over all up shot of it is he wants autonomy from me completely. Control over his life. He's over feeling jealous about anyone that comes into my life and thinks I shouldn't be concerned with telling him what I do either.

The woman he likely will approach first is married and not non-monogamous. That's all I know. She would be cheating. He thinks it should be up to individuals how they conduct their lives and that he doesn't intend to involve any women in his life and family beyond seeing them once in awhile. So he isn't concerned that they would be cheating.

I haven't agreed to his terms yet. I asked for no cheaters and for some communication from him as to who he is with when, but he won't budge on his boundaries. I intend to ask for no truck sex so that I might sit in his truck and not think about that, but I am doubting that will be okay with him either. I told him our fluid bond would be over and that I would likely not want to have sex with him at all. I bought condoms incase I decide otherwise.

Tonight we talked about taking a break from one another all together. A few month's of no relationship other than with our family. I don't know if I can do it. I would like to see him get through his retirement before doing anything, but I don't think that is going to be how this plays out. He's on a fast track at the moment and heading for his version of control over his life. There is nothing I can do except brace myself for the worst and do my best to eat and sleep.
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