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Default I don't know where to begin

It's been a while since I've posted. I've really missed everyone.

So, back in February I was in a triad with my spouse and another woman. She had differing values about using protection and I ended it with her. He's still friends with her, although they are not romantically involved. My spouse and I were already struggling in our own relationship and things looked like they were geared towards divorceland. I even filed the papers.

So now we think we want to work things out. We already work well together raising our two children. The hard part of it all was telling him I just couldn't be a monogamous person, and that might be a deal breaker. We've put the divorce on hold, and have a dinner date scheduled for this weekend to talk, but I don't know where to begin. How do you start over when there's so much stuff to cover? We're going to have a couple's session with my therapist, so that's a good start-right?

He's told me his biggest fears is that I'll have more sex than him and that he'll never get enough from me. Sigh. Why do people have to focus on that? I'm not out to constantly get laid. I'm searching for many loves and really want to be held and understood--accepted for who I am and not have to constantly play a score card to make the other person feel secure.

I know that post was all over the map. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback you might have.
"I know what I am, I know what you think I am, but I refuse to be that simple." - Nomy Lamm
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