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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I watched the little drummer boy tonight with my son. That old one from my childhood where the drummer boy follows the star and takes his lame lamb to the kings to see if they will help him...
this is much like a journey to self discovery....

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they can't help him but they say that he should look at the baby in the manger as he is the king of kings...
look inside himself to find the way?

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the drummer boy feels inadequate as he has no grand gifts, but plays his drum instead.
All he can do is be himself to the best of his ability?

My husband was suggesting tonight that perhaps love is not the thing that is needed but connection to one another. It seems that as a back lash to the stifling relationships of our ancestors we now take it to the other extreme it seems in society and that is we see needing others as a weakness sometimes.
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