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Default Learning More about Poly!

My name is Nicole Kaufman and I'm a senior at Colorado College. I have spent the last eighth months learning more about and getting involved in the Polyamorous community. I am currently applying for a grant to do my Sociology thesis research and produce a short film on how polyamorous individuals, families, and tribes navigate in a primarily monogamous world.

I am aware of how ambitious my idea is--especially by trying to find people online. However, I am extremely passionate about this topic, especially because I believe many Poly TV shows and pieces in the media are often extremely biased, completely over-sexualized, or flat out wrong. I would love to do a piece showing how realistic polyamory navigates in a monogamous world (although of course polyamorous relationships can take so many shapes that this might still only show a small part of poly).

For information or if you'd like to get involved, visit my tumblr:

- Nicole
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