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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Played hooky from work yesterday to spend the day and night with my boyfriend M. Went to the huge car show and flea market in Hershey PA. Could find the parts for every other antique/classic car in existence EXCEPT a 1955 Bel Air Wiper motor and a new gas peddle. M wasn't happy. Then the Steelers lost so he was really in a foul mood. He disappeared into computer land for an hour and a half and I got upset. Had mind blowing make up sex but wont see him til early next week if I am lucky.

My husband D is not respecting my feelings again re: the BDSM/humiliation thing. I just can not get into it. He just doesn't get that it is pushing me further and further away. We used to have an awesome relationship I want that back but he can't live with out it.
I'm sorry that you're husband is pressuring you to do something you're uncomfortable with. Have you two tried therapy to help him understand that you just can't give him that?
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