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Helo, that's a kind thing you are doing responding to folks who message you on OKC. Good on you. In an ideal world that is what everyone would do.


In online dating, there is no obligation to respond back. Why? Well, think about how many messages you get on OKC in a week. Don't tell me - just keep that number in mind. Ok, got it? Good. Now you just became a woman - Hela.

Your messages just tripled. Oh you are young, able bodied, and conventionally attractive? Quadrupled. Photogenic? In a major metropolitan area? Interested in casual sex? BDSM friendly? Submissive? Add a order of magnitude increase for each. You can see how many women - maybe most women - get overwhelmed with messages. And even if you are none of these, you will still get more messages as Hela than as Helo. (Create a dummy profile just like yours but flip genders - it will prove the point.)

It is nice to respond but I am under no obligation to do so.

Finally there is the Law of getting with Opalescent - Thou shalt not bore me. These messages are dull. They tell me nothing about the sender - and give me no reason to find out more. Not being dull does not have to be exotic. I don't need 'I winter in Casablanca and summer in my apartment above the Louvre while pursuing my passion of miniature horses.' A simple I like dogs too and they did such and such funny thing recently is more than enough for me to hit 'reply'.
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