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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
There is something wrong with perverting that general need into a need for a specific person. Even within a relationship, while one needs a partner or partners to fulfill the need for companionship, it's only healthy if one can walk away if the relationship(s) become(s) toxic.

I think you lost me on this one my friend. Lots of people have one person to fill a specific need; especially romantic/intimate ones. Are you saying that most monogamous people, have perverted the need for physical intimacy because they only need it from one individual? I'm specifying most here because I wouldn't want to represent all monogamous people as some merely live monogamously while others truly are monogamous. I think I musunderstood your point. Sorry for that.

I totally agree with you that if a person stays in a relationship that is toxic to fulfill a specific need you definitely have a problem.

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