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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
I think you're both drastically over-estimating how much thought goes into these messages from the guy's perspective.
No, that's the problem. They're estimating correctly how much thought went into the responses- none.

I don't really see anything so horribly atrocious that you cant bang out a ten second response. Considering how rare it is to get a response as a guy, I wouldn't be stunned if those are copypasta.
It's like writing a cover letter for a job. If you put thought into it and make it specific to that company, your odds of a positive response increase. If you really want a response from me, then you have to show me that you actually want to get to know ME, not just anyone with a vagina. Why on earth should I waste even 10 seconds responding to something that generic??

I just get irked when someone draws up an entire psych profile on another person based on less than a handful of information. #1 and #3 could very well be halfway decent guys who just aren't Shakespeare. The odds are somewhat against that possibility, I'll give you.
Fine, maybe they're halfway decent guys. Maybe they aren't narcissistic, just lazy. Doesn't mean I owe them anything, even a response. I'm still not gonna bother responding to every halfway decent message. Rather than wasting my time on those, I'll save my time and energy for those who actually pique my interest.
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