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It all started simultaniously I was just more attached to james for a good year then in the process me and angel got to know each other better and we have something that her husband could not offer. we all have been as a triad for 3 years and he called it off 3 days ago. No one had affairs. And now we were going through a difficult time because angel had a hysterectomy so sex has been out of the quiestion and I am fine on waiting but james is not and since I have been there taking care of her I really haven't wanted any sexual activity as well she never got to have kids because she had endometrial cancer. I am sorry if I am all over the place we have been through so much together so ky head is bouncing with a lot
nicole- Me 24 years of age
Angel- my married girlfriend 40 yrs of age
James- Angels husband 43 years of age
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