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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
This morning I found msgs from 3 guys, one on Fetlife, 2 on okc.

Fetlife one:
How are you my name is S___ I like your pic n profile and would love to chat witth you Please check out my profile and if it interest you i would love to hear back

From okc:
Great profile... you're a really sexy woman. I'm quite attracted to you, any interest in chatting?

hey saw your profile, i'd like to get to know you

When men on here say they can't meet women, I HOPE they aren't writing first messages like that and expecting any response.
Not to be a typical dude about it, but what's wrong with those? (#1 and #3) Yeah I'll agree they aren't terribly creative but I don't see anything overtly wrong with them.

#2 is a little too forward, with you on that one, totes.
Well, the obvious glaring issue is that none of them indicate that they actually read Mags's profile at all. It is not enough to say you liked someone's profile, pick out an item or two from it and comment on it - it's called starting a conversation! That's what makes all of them look like form letter messages that they copy and paste and send to everyone - they probably blast everyone with the same crappy note.

Furthermore, they don't share anything about themselves! AND the first one would turn me off even more because he sucked at spelling and proofreading. Make a good first impression, for crap's sake!

The second one only indicates he finds Mags attractive but nothing else, so it's doubtful he even read her profile at all. Seriously, would a woman jump at the chance to respond to a guy who's just looking at pictures and not trying to discern whether a person might be a match personality-wise? Substance, guys, substance is what women want!

And the last one sucks because it doesn't indicate anything at all, nothing about himself nor what appeals to him about Mags. WHY does he want to get to know her? Sheesh, just because he wants to know her, she should be all "oh great" and want to know him? And no punctuation or capitalization? Egad.

Such carelessness and narcissism. Blech is right.

I can't believe we had to spell it out for you, Helo.


I received this message on OKC today:

How are you? How was your weekend! I'm D____. How's this site treating you? I'm pretty new on here...

I consider myself sincere, thoughtful & yet aggressive, dominant & passionate at the same time.( if that makes sense!

I'm drawn to smart, mature, curvy, opinionated, strong minded Woman with a submissive & kinky side

Hope to hear from you...

And my profile clearly states that I am NOT into BDSM. <sigh>
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