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Exclamation help!! advice anything would be helpful, even someone to talk to

Hello everyone my name is nicole I am new here, age 24, and I was or still am in a poly relationship with a married couple she is 40 and he is 43. when this started it was by pure accident I guess and then I fell in love they took me in to live with them till I got my life on track and I fell in love.It all started with him ( I dont want to use their real names so we will call them James and Angel) we had a relationship were it was me and him for a long time and angel was working and he was staying at home till he found a job she was jealous of us we had a very active sexual relationship so I backed off because she was jealous and hurt. After a while I became really close to her and fell head over heels. more into the relationship he was meaner than i am used to and she was nurturing and i am a very sensitive person. so now he decided to brake it off but she wants to stay with the both of us and have a separate relationship with him and me and I am so jealous. there is more to the story I am willing to share but for now I want to cope with this because I don't want to lose her and she has three kids that I have seen grow and they are like mine as well
nicole- Me 24 years of age
Angel- my married girlfriend 40 yrs of age
James- Angels husband 43 years of age

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