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I'm afraid they don't see things quite the same way, and I'm imagining all this.
Only way to find out how they see it is to ASK.
Only way to find out if you are imagining or not is to ASK.

I'd like to know where this is going because depending how I feel, I may need to distance myself from them, or stop seeing them altogether.
The only way to KNOW if you need to cool jets or not is to ask.

I guess I'm also wondering what you guys think. Does it sound like it might be something they're up for? For those of you who've been in similar situations, how did you reach that point?
So basically you know you want to ask. It's just WHEN.

I just ask from the get go. I don't understand this "3rd date rule thing."
I like knowing possibilities are at least on the table and there aren't any glaring dealbreakers from the start so I don't invest time/energy developing a relationship that just isn't going to be a runner.

I don't need to know every little detail. I love the unfolding and getting to know someone. But I want to at least know I'm at least shopping at the right store!



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