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Unfortunately, the illegality (ADA) of not hiring hasn't done anything for me. I've been turned down for about 50/60 jobs in my life because of discrimination. Sometimes it was blatant. Sometimes not.

I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher very badly. I bond well with kids. I was chosen to be in a program in NYC schools that taught teachers and gave them jobs. Half-way through the program I waS asked to leave because of my disability. The excuse was that I would not 'be able to model appropriate handwriting for young children." I was also told by one of my classmates who I turned to empathy for that she would NOT want me to be her child's teacher. I was put in high school English teaching and had tons of prejudice there too, but did get to teach.

The problem with the ADA that I found out in applying for a job at BreaD and Circus in Cambridge MA is that they can get away with it, if they offer you a different job. AT B and C I was told that I could not work the vitamin counter because people "wouldn't understand my speech" but they would be happy to offer me a job in the stock room. In my interview they 'tested' my speech and had a second employee who clearly understood me but said she didn't! O what I have been through! Ironically, I ended up working customer service for a world class museum. Evidently, yuppies could not understand me, but high society ladies, curators, and artists could. go figure!
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