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I'm a pretty open and sexually liberated guy, and great sex is in no short supply. There is certainly something more going on here, I guess I'm just not sure how much more. My favorite moments and memories have been of just being together. When it was just A and I, I loved spending time just studying and working together, not even really doing anything with each other, more like doing our own thing in each other's presence, maybe taking some time to snuggle and eat, then off on our own separate ways; nothing sexual about it.

With B in the picture, it's been equally easy with no expectations of sex, at least not on my part. As B and I have gotten to know each other better, I told him that I like how warm he is. He's got a gentle soul and a sensitive artist's spirit that I respond to. They're both warmhearted guys and maybe I like that it could feel like home or a like a family if we were together.

That's where the fear of asking comes in. I guess I'm afraid they don't see things quite the same way, and I'm imagining all this. I'm afraid of being disappointed. And I'd like to know where this is going before I'm any more disappointed because depending how I feel, I may need to distance myself from them, or stop seeing them altogether.

We've only had two dates, so I feel it's probably too soon to bring this up directly. Maybe after one or two more, if things are still this way, I should find a way to bring it up.

I guess I'm also wondering what you guys think. Does it sound like it might be something they're up for? For those of you who've been in similar situations, how did you reach that point?
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