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I've thought about this a few times but haven't managed to post it.

My College Age Friend ended up calling after dumping a mess at me over Facebook. Mutual friends and I tolerate her acting out times but it's wearing thin. I know she's got anxiety and stress but dude. It's college. It is adult living. What do you expect? There is always something going on in Life! Who is conflict free? Dead people? Sheesh.

With the things you can control? Change! Stop overscheduling self. Plan resting times. Get enough sleep, eat well. See your doctor about treating your anxiety in appropriate ways.

The stuff you cannot control? Don't try! Let go of unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, wishing other people would do X. They control them, not you. Don't like how they run their ship? Steer your own away and don't hang out with them then!

Mind boggling.

"It is not that simple!" I hear.

When actually? It IS. Willingness may not be there to make a change. Change may be hard to feel. But the actions for change are dead simple. You choose to do something different. Choose. Do. There. Done.

Sit back and see what happens next. There's always another round and another choice around the bend.

“Life is a crap game, two bits a shot. When you’re cold, you’re cold and when you’re hot, you’re hot.” ~Loose Lips, Rita Mae Brown

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