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Are you talking Closed relationship then? Like this is the Inner Circle and that is it? No more dating outside of that? This is what you want?

While they still want to be Open to dating others and are not ready/want to Close ranks at this point in time?

Or are you talking about different places in Love Theory? You want "consummate love" with each of them and find it easy to get to that place, but they are not at that place yet with you.

From your blog you sound upset that they want other relationships.

Lamian wants a female relationship.
Primal has Peaseblossom relationship developing. (I do think he could keep his promised dates to you tho. He doesn't sound balanced in NRE/ORE)

It's like you struggle with jealousy from "am I not enough?" type thoughts. Is some of this speaking to jealousy? That you are at you polysaturation point and they may not be?


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