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When I was at the doctor yesterday and found out about the dehydration they took 4 vials of blood to test all of my hormone levels. I should know by Friday what's going on there.

The dehydration was scary, when I was there they told me they were surprised I hadn't needed to go to the hospital because of how dehydrated I was.

What makes talking to them hard about the affections is that they were still telling me that they want me in their life forever and even if they don't have the same type of love that I have for them and want back they still love me and are in love with me and that they don't want me to close off from them.

I think a part of me wants to know why they are all pushing to still be able to be affectionate/loving towards me when they know how I feel and how much it hurts that they don't have those feelings back. I don't know if they don't realize how much this dampens my healing or if they don't care because they don't want me to disappear on them.
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