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Now there's starting to get tension with me and Woodsmith.

I got upset last night for two reasons. 1) I have some health issues going on that I don't know why (my psychologist thinks I may have some hormone problems because along with mood swings, irritability, extreme depression I'm also fatigued all the time, breaking out in bad acne, have no ability to control my body temperture and my periods have been off the walls crazy. Found out yesterday I'm also having severe dehydration that even a liter of saline didn't really do anything for). 2) I'm trying to figure out how to pull back from everyone else without having to move out and completely cut them off. But I have no idea how to tell them that when they kiss me or hold me it hurts because it lets my head start wanting and longing for that deeper connection.

I was talking to Woodsmith about it and he was telling me I was being childish and selfish for trying to pull myself back.
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