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Default Spirituality etc

I find it interesting how people's spiritual beliefs are shifting (from what I see). Maybe it's just because of who I am, circle I revolve in, etc.
But to me there seems to be larger and larger numbers of people who are adopting various snippets of different religious and wisdom traditions into their life and therefore don't (and shouldn't) have a particular label. I think I have seen the public try to hang labels such as 'New Age" etc on these people but even that I think is a misnomer.
But net/net it seems to be becoming very individualized. I even think this is true within the Humanist adherents.
So I think even the label "atheist" is in the process of some evolution as I have a feeling that there are a number of people who would claim "atheism" and yet profound spiritual instincts telling them that we're all part of something larger but that the term "god" no longer fits the bill as some way to define that.
The thing that concerns me most is the upswell of people flocking to some form of classic "religion" that maybe for years had pretty much abandoned any particular faith. This happens in time of turmoil when people become fearful. They naturally search for explanations of what seems to be happening around them that's causing alarm. But especially today - in our fast paced world of instant solutions and instant gratification, I'm fearful that too many are willing to grasp at anything. As opposed to taking the necessary time to put serious thought & study into making wise choices. Just give me a "pill" mentality. So you can have a christian pill, a muslim pill, a pagan pill, an atheist pill etc - and it's all done. NOT !
On the other hand as I mentioned at first, there are many that are taking the other route. Digging deeper. Being patient & observant.
I guess we'll see..................

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