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Default Monday: Meeting History

Sunday was a sad day for me. More because my vacation time was at an end, and I didn't get any quality time with Airyn. He was busy working on his class assignment, so we didn't have time for anything before I needed to call it a night. And after having more time during my vacation I'm not looking forward to the reduction with my work schedule. Sure it wasn't perfect, but it was better. Having more then just a couple hours 4-5 days a week was a really nice change.

Monday I have Airyn drop me off at cafe Brazil on his way to class. Chipmunk is going with him, but she has dropped the class. So she brought her laptop to kill time. They plan to pick me up after class, and come in for a coffee, and lunch themselves. I ask them to message me when they are on their way so i can let them know if I'm still hanging out with lets call her History. I meet her on the same online dating site as Boots. She's not my type for a romantic relationship, but we do have several hobbies that are the same, so plenty to talk about. And she's more out going so there are very few silent moments between us.

Again I arrive early, and message History that I've gotten us a seat. I'm not as nervous getting ready to meat History. We've been messaging back and forth a few weeks less then with Boots. We aren't romantically compatible. So just friendship on the menu. It was still great meeting, and talking about our lives, she was very expressive, and lots of fun. She pointed me at a crafting blog that I'll like, and I suggested a couple place to find free/cheap knitting patterns, and science projects for her boys. We talked a lot about families, crafts, jobs, clothing, ect. There was lots of giggling, and laughter, time went by very quickly. I get a message from Airyn letting me know he got out of class early and is on his way. I let him know that History and I are still chatting. When he arrives he gets a table with Chipmunk on the other side of the restaurant, and messages me that they are here. I didn't see them arrive, but notice where they are sitting. eventually pointing them out to History. She has expressed an interest n the style hat Airyn wears. When I notice that Airyn and Chipmunk are done with their meal History and I wrap things up. She has to go and pick her boys up from school and has a few errands to run first anyway, so it's good timeing.

I join Airyn and Chipmunk at their table, and Airyn tell me that History doesn't look alternative enough for my taste. Which just makes me laugh. I tell him that I wasn't expecting her to be a good match for that, but that she and I have enough in common that i expect we'll be good friends.

When I get home I message History telling her i had a good time, and that we should get together for a crafts/arts festival sometime. She responds a while later saying that she too had fun, and that I've found one of her personal weakneses and Yes we should get together for a crafty festival.

So three days, two new female friends. One who is a good possibility for more then just friends. Both of these ladies identify as Bisexual, and will be fun and willing to go out to gay events with me. I see much fun times in my future with these ladies.
Bi-sexual female

Married to my high school sweat heart (20 year relationship). Talked about Poly, but put the idea off and had a kid instead. Stumbled into an FFM (Vee) that became an FMF (Vee).

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Airyn: My husband (Straight)
Chipmunk: My x-GF, My husbands GF (Straight)
Wolf: my Daughter with Airyn
Boots: Social/Friend dating (Bi) Married
History: Social/Friend dating (Bi) Married
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