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I don't see anything wrong about "breaking up" even if you are not at the end of your rope with the relationship. I don't feel compelled to stay in touch with everyone I've ever been involved with. The same holds true whether it's a romantic/sexual friendship or a less-than-intimate one.
But, as far as breaking things off with someone on purpose, or over time, I don't see it as a sad or negative thing in and of itself. Sometimes people's lives just take them in different directions and they get involved in other things. It is what it is.
I also agree with both of these comments by Ygirl.

I just have a hard time with things like "distancing" or "changing of dynamics" or whatever other substitute phrases you want to use. Please note that this is just me - my thoughts and how I feel - but to me it sounds like so much psychobabble to tell someone that "My relationship with John is changing dynamics." And "I am distancing myself from John" sounds pretty darned cold to me.

It's straightforward to say "John and I broke up." Everyone understand what it means to break up with someone - to end your romantic/sexual relationship - and most people understand that breaking up doesn't necessarily mean eternal and undying hatred of that person. If you wanted to go into more detail, then "John and I broke up, but we're still friends" covers that nicely.

Again, that's just me. No one is required to agree with me.
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