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Default Saturday: Meeting Boots

Had a good morning, chilling out with Airyn. Picked up Chipmunk after work. She was in a better mood, and Airyn was letting the upset of Friday go (mostly).

My Friend Guy invited us over to his place after he gets off work, but he knew about the drama from Friday. So i told him that I wouldn't bring Airyn and Chipmunk if there was still drama, but would be happy to come over after meeting Boots ( a lady I meet through an online dating site). She and I have been email, messaging (ect.) for over a month, and finally set up something to meet face to face.

I told Airyn about Guy's invite for Saturday night, and told him that when I'm done at the event I meet Boots at if things are cool between him and Chipmunk I'll pick them up and we can go. But that if there is drama, I'm not interested in walking into a house of Gloom after having a fun night out, so I'll go to Guy's on my own. He laughed and said ok, but that he expects things will be fine. Asked me to Call when I'm on my way home so that they can be ready to go.

I head out a little early (6ish, for a 5 min drive to meet at 6:30) so I can find parking, and text Airyn letting him know that I arrived, parked, and am sitting in the cafe waiting for Boots. No response from Airyn, but I'm not surprised by this as I expect they went straight to the bedroom for some loving privacy. I message Boots to let her know I'm there, and got a table for us. Tell her what colors I'm wearing, and that my almost tailbone length hair is down. I figure this will help her spot me.

I was nervous getting ready, and spent more time on hair, clothes, and even put make-up on. I very rarely wear makeup it's probably been about 10 years since I wore make-up regularly. Airyn was all smiles telling me to relax, it's just a couple friends getting together. So I'm dressed in some skin tight black not quite slacks spaghetti strap top with a red and dark grey shear knit top over it. Showing off my curvy form to good advantage. Don't get me wrong I'm pretty slender, and I have lots of curves. A large ass, narrow waist, and breasts size to match my ass (large). Think 50's pinup curves.

I really like Boots we've had a great time as pen pals up to this point, and have shared a lot of personal, and semi-personal information. So I feel like I already know her. I picked up some stone ground Mexican dark chocolate with a vanilla flavor to give her. She and I have both expressed our weakness for chocolates. And this stone ground chocolate is one of my favorites. Boots also shares my joy of Bubble teas.

So we meet at an easy to find cafe by the Music Awards event we are attending. We talk for a few minutes, but decide to walk over to a little Filipino bakery/restaurant a block over that serves bubble tea. The food there is always great, the portions don't look big, but they are very filling. We each get a bubble tea, and something tasty. The atmosphere is quiet with dim lighting. She and I are both introverts, and are both being somewhat shy. So conversation is slow, but there are no uncomfortable silences. Then we are off to enjoy the music. Walking between the venue's, and stopping at some of the out door booths. By 8ish we are conversing and sharing more information about ourselves. Generally enjoying each other company. She invites me to a join a local facebook Poly group. We notice an upcoming get together, and make tentative plans to attend. We are also talking about other events, and restaurants we'd like to visit together. We decide that 10pm is a good time to call it a night, and walk back over the the little cafe we started at. Her husband is picking her up from there. So we sit outside, and are very comfortable chatting. It was a very happy, pleasant, evening and I can't wait to do it again soon. We part ways with a hug.

Then I'm calling home letting them know I'm on my way. Everything seems cool, so I message guy telling him that I'm headed home to pick everyone up and asking if he's ready for us. After getting home I email Boots letting her know I had a great time, and am looking forward to next weekend. During this same few mins I'm writing my email, Boots is messaging me in Facebook saying pretty much the same thing. The next day she remarks on the timing of our messages to each other. I'm all smiles over here. Some time Sunday she emails me talking about how much she enjoyed the restaurant, and wants to go there again, and asking where I got that chocolate. She liked it a lot and wants to get more. lol. We are a good match for friendly hanging out. Not sure if we hit it off just right to be more then that. I'm not going to be quick to start a more romantic relationship considering how that went last time.
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