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Default Wolf: Chipmunk


I should be more clear I think.
When talking with Airyn last Friday, about Chipmunk not wanting to include Wolf in their at home dinner "date" plans.
1: I offered to have them drop me off so they could have the car and go out just the two of them. They opted to stay home.
2: I was offended that Chipmunk was basically wanting to cook a nice meal, and tell Wolf, "Sorry you can't have any".
3. I get that it is more expensive to feed 3 versus 2, but instead of choosing to exclude someone, choose a less expensive meal plan. Or go out to eat.
4: I would not do that to Chipmunk.
5: Wolf was part of the bargain when Chipmunk moved in. (And is not something newly sprung on her)

Wolf can be very self sufficient. She's 12, and is willing to make food for herself. However, when some one is cooking in the kitchen she won't attempt to cook for herself. She doesn't like getting in the way. I do not see including Wolf when cooking a meal at home as being unreasonable.
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