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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
Probably the 'be safe, be happy'' part is what irks me the most. But it's really more a gut feeling than something specific, because there is nothing really wrong with this line is there?
Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
Funny! I was thinking the same thing about the "be safe, be happy" making me feel really creepy somehow. Can't even articulate why.

Maybe it's him calling her a "young lady" too. Ick.
I think it's the familiarity of his comment. Those are things you say to someone you know. "Hope all is well" is something you say to a person you haven't heard from in a while and you're checking in. "Be safe, be happy" is something you say to someone close.

Ironically about the "young lady" comment is that he's younger than me, to boot.

I always reply to everything, mainly to maintain my "always replies" status. But it didn't take me long to confirm my own suspicious, that he was a waste of time... and bandwidth.
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