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I'm with Nycindie. Don't be in a hurry to jump into sex with these folks.

Spend some time dating and getting to know them as people, them as a couple, what their individual/couple wants, needs, limits and expectations are. That's part of the unfolding in dating and part of the fun. Don't skimp out on it.

In short, get to know your polymath tiers well. Because inside every greater polyship there are the little "mini relationships" inside it that need TLC. The people could be lovers, metamours, spouses AND lovers, whatever. But there is a still a relationship of some kind in there between them.

Talk about how you want this polyconfiguration to be like. Also talk about how you want to be when this configurations of polyship breaks up -- good exes and friends? Or what? Note I say WHEN. Not IF. Even if you all shoot for "til death to us part" that is still an ending that will eventually come becaues then it is no longer a 4 people polyship any more.

  • kissapolygrrl
  • Bear
  • Viking
  • Lady M

  • kissapolygrrl to kissapolygrrl (in polyship, vs a foot loose single or even a duo partner. You will behave different when you are responsible to 3 other partners. It is more commitments.)
  • Bear to Bear
  • Viking to Viking
  • Lady M to Lady M

  • Kissapolygirl --> Bear (do you go to Bear well with your stuff?)
  • Kissapoly -->Viking
  • Kissapoly --> Lady M
  • Bear --> Kissapoly (Does Bear go to you well?))
  • Bear -->Viking
  • Bear --> Lady M
  • Viking --> Kissapoly
  • Viking --> Bear
  • Viking --> Lady M
  • Lady M --> Kissapoly
  • Lady M --> Bear
  • Lady M --> Viking

  • (Kissapoly + Bear) <--> Viking (communication arrow in BOTH directions to save space)
  • (Kissapoly + Bear) <--> Lady M
  • (Kissapoly + Bear) <--> (Viking + Lady M)
  • (Kissapoly + Viking) <--> Bear
  • (Kissapoly + Viking) <--> Lady M
  • (Kissapoly + Viking) <--> (Bear + Lady M)
  • (Kissapoly + Lady M) <--> Bear
  • (Kissapoly + Lady M) <--> Viking
  • (Kissapoly + Lady M) <--> (Bear + Viking)
  • (Bear + Viking) <--> Kisspoly
  • (Bear + Viking) <--> Lady M
  • (Viking + Lady M) <--> Kissapoly
  • (Viking + Lady M) <--> Bear
  • (Lady M + Bear) <--> Kissapoly
  • (Lady M + Bear) <--> Viking

  • (Kissapoly + Bear + Viking) <--> Lady M
  • (Kissapoly + Bear + Lady M) <--> Viking
  • (Kissapoly + Viking + Lady M) <--> Bear
  • (Bear + Lady M + Viking) <--> Kissapoly

  • (Kissapoly + Bear + Viking + Lady M) (the quad as a full team)

GHOST LAYER (When polyship breaks up...we want to be...)

  • (Kissapoly + Bear) - (Viking + Lady M) = back to original couples?
  • Kissapoly - Bear - Viking - Lady M = everyone single?
  • Or something in between those two?

Just because you guys at the starting gate are all OPEN to possibly everyone being involved with everyone else doesn't mean the feelings will naturally grow there. Talk that out -- in case you date and it turns out not all of you do feel same. How will that be handled?

I'm not trying to be a wet blanket -- I'm glad for you that all of you are willing and excited to be together. Just go there slowly and sanely -- that is all.


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