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Feelings are only feelings. Let it blow on through.

That said... this is 3 separate things.

I feel bad that I'm wanting to spend time with this other man.
Why? What does it take away from other things needing your time? Is DH bothered? Is the other spouse bothered by time management?

I feel bad that my husband and I don't have that excitement, and I understand it's a newness factor, but it still sucks.
What do you and DH do to continue to court each other? Do you make enough time to have "couple time" alone -- having dates, enjoying each other's company?

I also feel bad that there are feelings between me and the other man, and that my husband and the other woman don't get to experience what we have.
People feel what they feel when they feel it. You can't control what others feel or when they feel that. You cannot control how they choose to behave. They are in charge of themselves. You can't control what you feel or when you feel it -- it just ensues. You only get to control how you behave.
I'm not even sure that it really is a problem, but it can lead to hurt feelings from time to time
Who is hurting? Your DH? The other spouse?

In general -- try to make sure you are giving your spouse enough time/attention so they can weather the NRE too. Do not neglect DH. Strive for balance in your time management.


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