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Originally Posted by corence View Post
Ceoli, you say -- "I've never left room in any of my relationships for the other person to assume monogamy."

I'm not quite sure what you mean there... but it sounds interesting. Could you elaborate?
If I go out on a date with someone, I have the monogamy conversation right away. If I have something going on with someone else, I'm going to let my potential date know about that before we even go on that first date. If I don't have something going on, I'll talk about how I feel about non-monogamous relationships on the first date...I'll talk about how I like to remain open to possibilities. If things were right, I'd be open to exploring monogamous relationship. But it's also important to me to just have the conversation that monogamy is going to be just as negotiated for me as polyamory is going to be. The idea is to just be very clear about it so that I'm not assuming what they want and they're not assuming what I want.

I've found that it saves a lot of grief in the future!
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