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Originally Posted by Hades36 View Post
Several of you have suggested that Black people do not participate in polyamory the same way White people do, or that poly "seems" to be a primarily White phenomenon.
I don't recall that anyone here made any assumptions whatsoever about how black people practice polyamory. We were simply asked by the OP what our experiences or observations were within our own respective poly communities or interactions:
Originally Posted by Helo View Post
What have your observations been on the ethnic makeup of the poly community?
Perhaps the problem is that this question is flawed since there is no single unified poly community. Nevertheless, anyone who answered could only respond with observations about our local, regional poly communities. And by simply giving feedback about each of our own limited experiences at a limited number of poly activities within each of our own limited poly communities is simply providing information -- a snapshot, if you will, of what the landscape was like at the moment of time we were there to observe or interact with it.

For example, I said:
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Even more surprising is the dominance of white people at the few organized poly gatherings I have attended. There are always a few people who are Asian or of Asian descent, but I can only recall one or two black people.
To further clarify, I have only been to about four organized poly events at which there were probably about 50 or 60 people present throughout the evening. That's it. As to where else I would find a poly community in NYC, whether black or white, I have no idea. But my response was just a report of what I've seen at the very few events I attended. Was I drawing a conclusion that poly is a "white thing" or saying anything about how black people practice poly? No.

So, I am very curious as to how any of the following statements could be interpreted as "suggesting" that black people "do not participate in polyamory the same way white people do" (never mind the fact that there is no one set way that white people -- or any people -- "participate" in poly, anyway) :

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
My local self-identifying poly community is mostly lower middle class white people. . . . There are many African-American, Asian and Latino people active in my local community. However, I do live in a majority black city and so, the relatively imbalance is certainly present.
Originally Posted by Eternaldarkness View Post
I noticed that too, and being black it IS extra-difficult being part of yet another minority.
Originally Posted by Sannafrid View Post
My observations are only anecdotal, but the overwhelming majority of people I know in the poly community are white. The only exception I can think of is my secondary, who is Native American.
Originally Posted by Emm View Post
Most of my local openly poly community seem to be various shades of white, however one of my partners is of (Subcontinental) Indian decent and his wife (also poly) is half Chinese.
Originally Posted by Alleycat View Post
Locally, most of the (organised) poly community seems to be white, (or mixed-race) by majority with a sprinkling of exceptions.
And Hades, even you said:
Originally Posted by Hades36 View Post
. . . when PLove and I attended our local Poly Meet-up, I was the only Black person there.
Furthermore, we are really only talking about actively open communities where people visibly participate in socializing or going to events. We cannot observe what goes on behind the closed doors of everyone in our neighborhoods. Naturally there are many more people who practice polyamory without ever setting foot at one of these organized things, or even use the word "polyamory," so none of this is really going to reflect true numbers of poly people no matter what color their skin is.
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