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Ceoli, you say -- "I've never left room in any of my relationships for the other person to assume monogamy."

I'm not quite sure what you mean there... but it sounds interesting. Could you elaborate?

my progress: seems like none. ahh, so far all i seem to be encountering is the "blue fish tuba" scenario... ive talked about poly a bit but, i think all that's being heard is "this guy wants to have sex with lots of girls at once."

I'm being approached by lots of girls (something about being a foreigner in paraguay, i guess)... but my friends are getting confused as to why nothing seems to happen (after i've managed to have a talk with the girl.)

Thinking i'm going to try a different stab at this -- going to tell people i'm only interested in sex.... then at least i'm saying something they understand. at least from there i can demonstrate affection rather than trying to explain it...

Or maybe it's just that i'm not being proactive enough yet. Will ponder...
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