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Default Newly interested in polyamory. Me anyway

I'm newly interested in polyamory. I saw a sweet piece on tv, the show was Real Sex I think. Needless to say I was intrigued, excited, which led to a feeling of constrained frustration.

In my early 50s and in a very good 7 year relationship with an amazing 5 yr old child... We do not have sex anymore, and do not even talk about it. Things just faded out gradually. Nothing dramatic happened to cause this. I still have incredible desire but for some reason not so much with my partner. Maybe it all is a result of having a child and having little time for ourselves, I just don;t know.

I've always been interested in what an open relationship would be like. Variety to me, has always seemed so exciting that I wish over the years, that I was strong enough to speak about my feelings more. I do not think my partner would be so open but she has surprised me before in other ways. I respect that this is not something she would want and do not want to jeopardize what we do have for my fantasy. I also do not know how she, or I, would be able to handle any of this emotionally, which I imagine is very normal. I've come to a point, though, where I know this is something I want and would like to explore, but I am terrified that in bringing it up in conversation as I also want to protect our child.

I don't want her to not feel loved or that I am not interested in rekindling with her being a part of this. I don't know how to start the conversation. Overall, I am very happy with our life, I know we are incredibly blessed. I'd love to hear how others have dealt with these feelings. It would be great if we went on this journey together but I feel the need to pursue this on my own if need be. This all may seem strange, but it is heart felt.

If anyone has healthy advice, thanks in advance. If anyone in a similar situation would like to chat 1 on 1, that would be great too.
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