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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
Yay! I'm always so encouraged when I'm not alone.

For educating folks, I do like Spoon Theory. I think it was mentioned in a different thread, but belongs in here, if people are searching for 'disability.' The gal who wrote it has lupus (I apologize for my ignorance, is SLE just one kind of lupus, are there others, or is it all SLE?).
The Spoon Theory is amazing. I use it all the time to explain how I have to structure my life sometimes.... There are actualy two main kinds of lupus. there is Discoid Lupus which only affects the skin and Systemic Lupus Erythema-something - I can never remember how to spell the last part of it - which affects basically anything else. SLE can affect kidneys, eyes, brain, spine, basically any type of cell in your body.

Originally Posted by LilacViolin View Post
My partner and girlfriend are both supportive and tender with me, but sometimes I just want to have a normal sex life. Loving is awesome, but there are times that my needs for the passionate rougher sex aren't met. Careful is great, but let me be in charge of my comfort and pain levels.
I usually seem to have the opposite issue. My ex seemed to think that since I have figured out how to live with pain, that he could be as rough as he wanted whenever he wanted.
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