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Default Boston Area Student

Hi everyone, newbie to the forum here, I'm male, 29, and hoping to meet up with a nice polyamorous lady in the area and see if some kind of relationship can be built. I'm a recent grad school transplant originally from California. I'm an enthusiastic, witty intellectual who comes at life with a perspective and zest that can baffle the best of us (including myself!) on regular occasion! I'm an ardent believer in social justice causes like gender and racial equity, anti-discrimination, and legal/policy reformation to match those goals. The latter of which is my field of study, child and family policy. I'm striving towards federal government work, where I can bring the perspective of disenfranchised groups into federal welfare program evaluation, and help give them a voice in the policies that impact them.

I'm also an accomplished nerd, and not just in the traditional 'good with computers' way. I blend my love of technology and science fiction with my academia. My best example is one of my undergraduate papers where I analyzed relationship narratives across various media: books, movies, TV, video games. I absolutely delight in culture, and look at it from multiple perspectives. Media is rich with culture and narrative that speaks about who and what we are, I absolutely delight in it, and even more so sharing it with others.

Sharing is important for me in a relationship, and I'm very much looking for someone with whom I can share the things I enjoy, media being near the top of the list. Because of this, good communication is also important to me. I absolutely delight in a direct exchange of thoughts and ideas. Sensation is an important experience in a relationship for me, and I very much enjoy regular physical engagement in the form of holding hands, cuddling, kissing, hugging, etc. Shared interests are important, but aren't necessary across the board. If there's a few things that catch your eye in this description and/or the interests list, then chat with me about them, let's see if we can build a little rapport around a few common themes.

The last thing I'm looking for is also the one I give the most emphasis to: Be bold. If you like what you read, say so.

Also, ask me about wholehearted living, it's a great topic!

Cheers folks,
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