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I tend not to hide who I am. As i've gotten older, i've started using a Wanda Sykes line as my personal motto. She once said "The older I get, the less I give a fuck!"

I know it may seem simplistic, but the happiest i've been has been completely eschewing everyone Else's concerns while putting stock in what I want. I've had to do some hard thinking in the past about whom to tell and whom to leave in the dark. All my real friends know about me completely, and a few coworkers know as well. The only family to me that matters is my Mother, Sister, and a Cousin.

*IF* My partner and I meet a Third Guy and we start a relationship, I will break the news to those three and let them either accept it or not. If they don't, that's their deal, not mine as I am not changing who I am to appease their sense of decency or puritanical ideas of relationships.

Now in this moment of reality, I may have to come to that point soon.

My partner and I have met a guy who is poly identified and wants a triad. So far, I think I really like this guy and could easily see the three of us together. If it happens, then my fam will have to know as I *REFUSE* to hide someone that I am in love with.

It's scary, but I think with strength and determination, any of us can be open and honest.
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