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As I said before, I have a boyfriend who is black. My sisters have both dated black men and my niece is bi-racial. My youngest sister is engaged to a black man, so yes, I have experience talking with other races about their relationships.

My middle sister dated a black man (who identified as Cuban because he was born there), had a child with him. Their relationship was plagued with trouble from the start as the black females in their high school claimed him as theirs and were offended that he was dating a white woman. In the end, he vasilated between my sister and a black woman from their school days and ultimately stated that since the second woman was able to catch his attention at all, he must not have loved my sister after all.

As for clubs, I have not gone clubbing in years. Occasionally, I will revisit the local straight friendly gay bar that my friends and I visited in high school for Raves - their drag night is awesome. Last night, I visited a local karaoke bar with some of my LARP friends. My Korean American friend sat between a black man, and a white woman while awaiting her turn to sing. I tend to not focus on the race of my friends or my clients as I understand and appreciate that our cultural differences make us part of who we are, but are not the end all be all of our essence. In high school my husband had a friend who was a white male born in Africa. From what I remember, he made the African American students uncomfortable by wanting to participate in their African pride clubs,etc. What people refer to as "reverse racism" is still racism.

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