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jennykeck - thanks for your kind words. I like your use of the word "family"

Had a beautiful Sunday yesterday. My cousin, Ocean, Grotto, myself and some mutual friends did breakfast together then went to a local music festival. Menrva and Bert were going too and I invited them through Ocean... but he forgot to tell them about breakfast. So they turned up expecting to leave straight away and we were pissing about making crepes and juice and lounging in the "hot tub" (sofas pushed together) and blowing giant bubbles off the balcony with a bubble stick. As they were meeting most people there for the first time, they were understandably a bit overwhelmed. Tried to smooth things over and be hospitable, but the vibes were rough as Menrva was peeved with Ocean for not giving them the right info in the first place.

Turns out we had two people too many in order to share the biggest taxi, anyway, so Menrva & Bert headed to the festival by themselves, and we met up with them later. Apart from that awkwardness, it was a smooth, sunshine-y, peaceful day. I uncharacteristically wore a dress, $10 from the op-shop (which is pretty much the max I pay for an item of clothing) and I felt like summer.

Dancing with Ocean, lazing in Grotto's arms, joining the travelling band for a spell... hell, yeah. I loved being out with friends.

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