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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
The person uses a cane, so I'm sure people stare, or talk down to her, or sexually dismiss her. How many times have guys disappeared off Okcupid when they find out I'm disabled? How many times have I been c allied retard on the train? Or had people express surprise that I have a child? A husband? A sex life? In disability, there is always a duel consideration: the impairment and the ridiculous reaction to it.
I'm sorry, but people are freaking assholes.

I have a cane, a walker, crutches, a boot - you name it. I probably use one, hmmm, a third of my life. And I'm so very lucky not to use it more than that. My partner and girlfriend are both supportive and tender with me, but sometimes I just want to have a normal sex life. Loving is awesome, but there are times that my needs for the passionate rougher sex aren't met. Careful is great, but let me be in charge of my comfort and pain levels.
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