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Originally Posted by GoldSakura View Post
I've been hesitant to try entering the lifestyle again after a series of bad experiences a few years ago, but I find myself missing that third energy of someone I care about.
Hello and welcome...hopefully reading and posting here will help this time around go smoother.

Originally Posted by GoldSakura View Post
We have discussed it at length, and decided that I may seek a relationship with a woman and whether or not she wants to be involved in a V or a triad is totally up to her, but only after she and I have established a bond.
I'm assuming it would not actually be "totally up to her" - presumably if she were interested in a triad down the road this would also depend on your fiance wanting a relationship with her as well .

Also, what if she is already in a Vee or Triad (or couple, or N/M/W/Z etc.)? Would you or your fiance be open to a relationship with her other partner(s)? Or are you only considering single women? What if she wants to develop a relationship with someone else (not your fiance) after you and she have "established a bond"?

Just some food for general though, I think it may be limiting to be planning relationship configurations before you've met the person you want to have the relationship with?

Originally Posted by GoldSakura View Post
I suppose I'm posting because I wonder if other people have had traumatic or negative experiences with poly early on, and did you have better luck in later relationships, or was it full of let downs?
Our Vee got off to a bit of a rocky start (due to my being a Jackass) - but once we got sorted out, it's been a very positive experience.

Originally Posted by GoldSakura View Post
I also wonder who else in or near Denver is poly-minded, but not within the meetups and such due to the drama and social issues people create there?
Not in Denver so I couldn't say and have never been to a Meet-Up. Is it a general feeling that people create "drama and social issues" at "meetups and such" or is that specific to the Denver poly community?

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