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OMG gosh! I think spoon theory is one of the best things I've ever read. I'm going to send it to a number of folks. In my own body, I can relate to this in small ways, for example, I live in a city and I have all the distances carefully memorized from point A to point B because I get tired and am constantly calculating how to get places with the least amount of steps- i.e. the least amount of energy.

What spoon theory doesn't go into is the effect that society has on people with disabilities from a view outside the body. The person uses a cane, so I'm sure people stare, or talk down to her, or sexually dismiss her. But I can only speak to my own experience. How many times have a had a waiter ask my husband for my order because they think I can't order for myself? How many times have guys disappeared off Okcupid when they find out I'm disabled? How many times have I been c allied retard on the train? Or had people express surprise that I have a child? A husband? A sex life? In disability, there is always a duel consideration: the impairment and the ridiculous reaction to it.
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