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Question Reattempting the lifestyle from Colorado :)

Hello all. I've been hesitant to try entering the lifestyle again after a series of bad experiences a few years ago, but I find myself missing that third energy of someone I care about. I'm young, and when I first entered the poly world, I was naive and did not know what a unicorn was, or that I was one, which lead to lying, abuse, and a negative experience in this lifestyle. After a break, and having an amazing fiance who had 16 years of experience with poly and the negative aspects of it, I think I'm ready to try again. My fiance is currently not actively seeking outside relationships, but he is understanding that I am a very loving bisexual woman who deeply missing feminine affection and intimacy. We have discussed it at length, and decided that I may seek a relationship with a woman, and whether or not she wants to be involved in a V or a triad is totally up to her, but only after she and I have established a bond.

I suppose I'm posting because I wonder if other people have had traumatic or negative experiences with poly early on, and did you have better luck in later relationships, or was it full of let downs? I also wonder who else in or near Denver is poly-minded, but not within the meetups and such due to the drama and social issues people create there?

Thank you for any feedback you can provide <3
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