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Several of you have suggested that Black people do not participate in polyamory the same way White people do, or that poly "seems" to be a primarily White phenomenon. My point is that, if you do not engage with Black people on a regular basis, how would you even know?

If I have to explain what a "Black event" or "Black club" is, then the conversation is already over. Sorry. I'm not trying to educate people about Black culture. Replace the words with "Lesbian club" or "Asian event" or "Poly event" or "Transgendered club" if you like...

@Helo: Sorry, but the fact that you are not even willing to discuss patterns of unconscious racism or bias also means that I'm not even sure how we can have a meaningful discussion about race or whether or not we engage or ignore people based on it. Deciding to ignore a huge component of the researched, verified, and scientifically proven phenomenon because it is uncomfortable to deal with completely removes the foundation, at least for me, to have any kind of productive discussion about race. It would be like me telling a woman that I do not believe there is a such thing as male privilege and unconscious sexism but then wanting to talk about gender issues. I'm not trying to be offensive, but I know I can't have that discussion with you in particular, Helo.

@nycindie: No, not being accusatory or provocative. I just want to know how much interaction any of you actually have with Black people so that I can understand where you are seeing/not seeing polyamory being explored by them.

I had not come to any conclusion which is why I was asking the question, but the answers I got definitely confirmed what I suspected anyways.
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