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Originally Posted by Hades36 View Post
One question for all of the White people on here who said that, yes, most of the people they have observed in poly are also White...

How often and deeply do you engage with Black people? Do you attend Black events? Have more than 1 Black friend? Go to Black clubs? Have intimate conversations with more than the 1 Black friend?

Just curious. I find that people often make judgments about other races without ever having actually engaged with that other race in a meaningful way over a longer period of time than, say, a vacation or happy hour.
I am a bit confused. Are you saying that simply because some of us have said that we've observed mostly white people at poly events or in our local poly communities, that we are making judgments about anyone who isn't white? Wasn't the OP just asking us what our experiences were? Are we somehow at fault for something we've experienced or observed? Was I supposed to go out and look for black poly people when I saw there were very few at the poly events I've attended?

I feel like your questions seem a little accusatory or are meant to be provocative, so I don't think I want to answer any of them. It seems you have drawn your own conclusion already... about something. Or am I misreading you?
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