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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post

I have a stupid genetic condition that makes my collagen broken, makes my ligaments loose (so my joints dislocate, all of them, at random), and provides me the joys of chronic pain. Sometimes I limp, and I walk slowly (and not far); but pretty much, you cannot see any of my disability when you look at me.

And to end on a cheery note, sex makes endorphins, endorphins ease the pain. And I'm incredibly flexible.
Hey, me too!

My hips are the worst, and I have an artificial hip. I face a lifetime of surgeries as the ligaments get worse and prevent me from being mobile. Chronic pain? yes. Pain meds? Not often. Flexibility? Ohhhh yes, and that can be awesome.

I think mental illness comes into play here too, at least in a different way. I have a mental illness and that can make my relationships have to pause for a bit while I get better. Tricky stuff.
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