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I didn't read the entire thread, but most. There is a "trick" question on OK Cupid that says "would you date outside your race?" I STUPIDLY said No because I'm into skinny white young guys...but someone wrote me and was like this put up a red flag for me, my GF is black. OK, I'm not racist. Both my son and husband have black girlfriends -- but I'm attracted to white boys- so am I racist? I certainly don't mean to be!

What is interesting to me is that so many people would never THINK of dating someone with a physical disability which to me is akin to not wanting to date someone of a certain race. Being able to see past, say a limp or a wheelchair, is the same to me a seeing past color. There is another question on cupid that's totally ableist. It says, "should people with a low iQ be able to procreate?" Well, that's supposed to be funny, I guess, but it isn't when you think of the years until the 1980s of forced sterilization of mentally disabled women.

So, I guess I should be open to dating someone of a different race...because I would like people to be able to see past bodily differences (such as not walking or different speech).
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