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Originally Posted by cherrygirl View Post
@ StarGazer - To be completely honest with you, I have Asperger's. I have many acquaintances, but not anybody I could consider a friend, besides him.
My partner is my best and only friend, as well. That makes more sense about your problem- can't give you an answer.

If I found people, and the magic combination that'd let it work with me and my partner- I think I'd love it. I don't need that many people, and having a select few very close-knit friends/partners who are essentially married (legally or not) to each other in a family seems like a wonderful idea. It's not all there is to poly, I know there are problems, all relationships have problems, but that's basically what I'd like. A triad or quad or whatever like that. Basically a family with more than 2 adults living with and supporting each other and any offspring. Things like that always seemed like a more than 2 person job for me- I'd probably be happy with a non-traditional family, the love and such is more important than the romantic relationships or partnerships. So I don't know where I stand.

Most "normal" people (the ones who look like your from outer space because you like not having friends ) use the same logic, or something along hte lines of how while it's okay to have as many frineds as you please- having more than one partner is wrong. Which just makes no sense to me. But if your partner is your only real friend as well- I can certainly understand the confusion.
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