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Thanks for responding. I have a very visual disability, cerebral palsy. I have an akward gait and what is called a cp "accent." I am also a disability activist and liken my own disability to genes or race as I was born with it, it is the only body that I have known and I am happy with it. I find though the disability right community is very divided because everyone views their disability differently, depending on what it is and how it changes their body. For example, my friend with MS certainly did not want that, however, I am happy that I have cerebral palsy. I think it has deepened my life and it is simply who I am.

All of my lovers have been abled-bodied. I dated a few men with disabilities, but it simply didn't work out. I always had trouble with my own sexual empowerment until I turned 40, then I became incredibly empowered.

But I do have a question: On OK cupid, I tenf to get along better with the younger guys. Older guys have shy away when they learn I have a disability (often without even meeting me). I wonder if because of all the changes in gender and so on, the younger generation is more open-minded. I don't think I've had any trouble (in this area) with men under 30.
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