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Thanks for the response GS, I appreciate it... I'm struggling to really put across what I mean. I get so hurt by others and their lack of being able to just "be" in relationships... there always seems to have to be some drama or point made. Is it that people just feel like they have to fulfill their potential, or is it that they just need to be right? Is it that their passion cuts off their humanity like a double edged sword? I don't know?
I know one issue I have (that drives Maca crazy) is that I AM always striving to fulfil my personal potential. Sometimes that can be a relationship issue, particularly if the person I am with is "backpedaling".

I do prefer to just "be" in relationships and enjoy them. But at the same time, in order for me to continue growing-I need a certain amount of autonomy and acceptance and/or the person I am in a relationship with to be growing as well.....

On a side note-I HATE drama, but I SWEAR I am a magnet for it! It's rare that any of the drama in our lives is centered around our personal family relationships-but the people around us tend to strongly depend on us in their issues-so their drama permeates.

The last year or so I've found myself minimizing some friendships for exactly that reason. I just need a break from the drama-and the only way I seem to be able to find peace from it is to distance myself from them...
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