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Default and just what exactly could their opinion do?

If traditionalists were able to convince the entire world that something is false that is actually true, and even if they rallied the entire world to work as a team to extinguish a fire that you know with all your being burns true, that fire will burn and that light will shine. There is nothing they can say or do about it.

I think you are well aware you could not deny it even if you wanted to. Some call it Love, some say it's God, Allah, a Higher Power, the Fire, the Truth call it whatever, it's the ring or the tone, the voice that speaks from reading your words. For the topic you are discussing, you know full well what the balance of a universe can consist of in a complete state.

But I can appreciate your sense of humor as if anything anybody could say or do could cloud what you already know. It almost sounds as if you've already seen what universe will be yours and will be complete, and completely balanced from what appears right now male,male,male,female. What did you see Skye? what color did it look like
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