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So much is going on right now. I'm not even sure where to begin. And I had A GOOD day today. Laid back, quite morning with Airyn, and then a bit of errands with Wolf.

Everything was great till I get a message from Airyn telling me that nothing good is going on at home, and that I don't need to take my time. O.o

Where did it start. Let's see.
Well Airyn and I went to pick up Chipmunk. We got there early and went in for a drink (coffee). When Chipmunk got off she suggested that we come back together for happy hour. Sounded like a good idea. We go home, Airyn and Chipmunk talk about what they want to do/cook tomorrow night while I'm out with my friend. They will have Wolf, but she's self sufficient. So they will have plenty of privacy, and can lock the bedroom door for a while too.

A few hours later we go back up to Chipmunks job, and Airyn orders a beer, Chipmunk is asking about sweet wines, but they don't have any white, and she doesn't like the red they let her taste. So her mood gets sour. We decide to walk around some. Airyn ask Chipmunk if they should get the catfish they were discussing. She says she doesn't care. I have to pick up Wolf soon, and ask if they want to come with me, or if I should stop back by and pick them up. Since Chipmunk didn't get a glass of wine, Airyn says he'll finish off his beer, and they'll go with me. Chipmunk responds surprised when we get up to go to the car a few mins later. Saying she thought they were going to do some food shopping, I tell her that I have to go get Wolf, so we have to go now if they are coming with me.

Pick up Wolf, get home. Wolf gets in the shower, and Chipmunk is acting all moody, but not talking to anyone about it.
As Wolf and I are leaving Airyn follows me for kisses at the door. I whisper that Chipmunk is being pissy probably cause she didn't get the glass of wine she wanted. Airyn says he knows, and he'll see what's up. Then Wolf and I are out the door. Places to go, things to buy. Wolf is excited she like shopping even when it's just your average errands.

We get to our first stop (about 15 mins), and I message Airyn (as promised) where we are, and that I'll let him know when we are almost done. About 20 mins later I get a message from Airyn telling me "nothings happening here tonight, don't be taking your time." My answer to that: Wow, ok.

So something is up, and it sounds kinda big. Wolf and I are out another hour or so then I message Airyn letting him know we'll be home soon. Walk in, knock on the bedroom door and tell them we are home. They are obviously having a serious conversation. So I head back to the kitchen to put everything away. Chipmunk comes out a couple times to see what I'm doing, but I don't see Airyn. This is strange for him. Normally he comes to greet me with kisses when I get home, after being gone. So I get finished in the kitchen, and head to the bedroom, Chipmunk is in the kitchen. So I ask Airyn what happened. Chipmunk was pissed because she wanted to get stuff for tomorrow night right then, not tomorrow. And she was wanting to only get stuff for her and Airyn, and not include Wolf. I am very much offended by her wanting to exclude Wolf. If she wants to be just the two of them then they should go out just them. Hell on the date Airyn and I went on I bought dinner for everyone before we left. I get that it's more expensive to feed three then it is to feed two, but I'm feeding four now, and I'm used to only feeding three. Sure she helps once in a while, and I'm expecting her to offer to buy household staples more often now, but she tends to buy things for just her. And when she buys snacks for everyone, she get surprised/unhappy when they get eaten. Grrr.

I tell Airyn that Chipmunk has to realize that I will not be paying part of the cost every time they go out somewhere. That that will be coming to an end. She's not dating me I don't feel obligated to pay for her to date Airyn. He's a stay-at-home parent, this was known from the beginning. Doesn't mean he won't have money, and be able to take her out, just not every time they want to do something.

Ok, ok. So she's being pissy. Airyn goes to her and asks if everything is ok? She say yep, and puts her headphones back in and rolls away from him. Since she doesn't want to talk, and is obviously pissed, Airyn goes in the other room. Starts clean the kitchen. She comes out "for a drink" but really to see what he's doing. So Airyn thinks she's ready to talk and asks again what's up. She asks how long Wolf and I will be gone, Airyn says a long while. Chipmunk tells him he should have gone with me. This sets the mood to really shitty. So now Airyn is about to text me to come pick him up, but doesnt cause he's still trying to figure out what is wrong. So they are arguing, she goes outside and sits on the porch telling Airyn they aren't "doing" anything tonight. He sends me the message saying nothing is going on, and not to be taking my time. Then he grabs his keys and goes for a walk to the library, and right back. This pisses Chipmunk off even more. He tells her that they both left, she went outside to the porch, and he went for a walk. It's the same thing. She tells him going outside to the porch is different. They don't get to any resolution, Airyn tells me that everything he says to her just pisses her off even more. Eventually things get more calm, and Chipmunk starts getting suggestive. She asks Airyn to find out where I'm at and how much longer I'll be gone. He looks at her and says he told me to come home early after she told him he should have gone with me.

It's not long after that that I come home to a house of gloom. Geeze. At least it wasn't my fault. How many times do I have to tell Chipmunk that she has to ask for what she wants. If she doesn't tell me then I can't do anything. I'm not a mind reader.

And grocery shopping is an argument? Guess I can't be surprised Texting/messaging was an argument for me right?

So Chipmunk's next day off, she found someone to hang out with and will be going out. I asked if I needed to drop her off, or if her friend was going to pick her up. She didn't know. I asked what she was going to be doing? Movies, dinner, club, bar? She didn't know. Airyn tells me that she was messaging a couple people looking for anyone to hang out with other then him. She texted Guy (my friend) and he told her he all ready has plans. Which is true, but he also don't like how clingy/flirty she has been with him. *Shrug*. So now Airyn and Chipmunk aren't doing any fancy cooking tomorrow, and will have a longish evening to themselves with a lot less planned. Hmm wonder what they will do. Hopefully not argue. I plan to have a god time while I'm out and don't want to come home to a house of gloom again.
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